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Spinning Babies® Parent Classes

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What is Spinning Babies®?  

Spinning Babies® is a revolutionary new approach that is changing birth all over the world! It is a new paradigm that focuses on baby's position and station within the pelvis for natural, physiological solutions. This class teaches parents a series of prenatal activities which can help to optimize baby's position, allowing them to fit comfortably within the womb and pelvis. Parents will also be equipped with hands-on, tangible and detailed solutions to use when labour seems long, painful or is experiencing a stall. 

How Is This Approach Different And What Are The Benefits? 

Spinning Babies® is not meant to replace other prenatal education classes or methods. Instead, this approach can augment any birth preparation course, method or plan by providing parents with the practical tools to help labour progress and to further ease childbirth and create comfort in pregnancy.   

The Spinning Babies® approach is unique in that the focus is brought back to the physiology of pregnancy and birth. By restoring balance in the birthers muscles and ligaments and alignment of her uterus and pelvis, a woman's body is able to function optimally so she and her baby can maintain comfort in pregnancy and experience an easier, more comfortable labour and birth. These techniques can be used in any birth setting in conjunction with any birthing methods and comfort management styles.   

Every day I hear happy results:
...Back labor eased
...Breech babies that flip head down
...Transverse (sideways) babies suddenly turn head down - cesarean canceled!
...Posterior babies (sunny-side-up) rotate and/or descend
...First labors occurring regularly in 8 hours or less
...Cesareans canceled outside the OR; baby already born!
...More natural births and VBACs around the world!
— Gail Tully, CPM – Creator of Spinning Babies®

Who Should Take The Class?

Any pregnant couple that are interested in optimizing their birthing experience and looking for tangible, simple, hands-on tools and techniques they can use to help labour progress with comfort and with ease.

Empowerment comes when you are equipped with the tools and knowhow to positively influence your birthing. As you gain an understanding of the physiology of labour and birth, your confidence in your ability to birth safely and with ease is drastically increased.  

Thank you so much! I feel great today! Looking forward to doing all of these exercises, it was a very empowering workshop, thanks very much... I feel like I understand child birth SO much better, I’m excited and not afraid.
— Danielle

What Will I Learn?

The class focuses on the 3 Principles Of Spinning Babies®: Balance, Gravity and Movement. With these principles forming the foundation the class will take you through the following:

- Spinning Babies® Daily Essentials: activities to support muscle lengthening, range of motion, alignment and to reach a healthy mix of mobility and stability for the pelvis, increasing comfort and improving function.    

-Three Sisters Of Balance: To restore balance to the pelvis, uterus and surrounding areas for comfort, birth preparation and labour progress. These techniques can increase space for baby by releasing tight or twisted ligaments/muscles helping both you and your baby prepare for birth.

-Positions and movements to create more space for baby as they navigate through the pelvis during birth. You will learn how to understand baby's location in the pelvis and have specific solutions to use when labor seems long, painful, or has a stall!

- Belly Mapping: To discover your baby's position and increase baby-parent bonding.

Everyone should take this, more info than the average childbirth class. Love it!
— Anonymous - Class evaluation form
Side lying Release and Inversion for comfort in pregnancy and ease in birth