What Some Clients Had to Say

"As a first time Mom, I had so many questions. And when I found out I was having twins, I had double the questions! Bree-Ann was there to offer support, education and advice. She helped us solidify our birth wish list and while in the hospital she helped make sure our every wish was met. When changes from our original plan occurred she always made sure we knew why the changes were happening, what the changes meant, and that we were okay with what was happening. She was a solid support system for both my husband and myself and was there for anything we needed. She went above and beyond what I could have ever imagined a Doula doing and will forever hold a special place in our hearts."
— Lisa

"Being a Dad holds a lot of responsibility during the birthing process. Bree-Ann played a critical role during our labour allowing me to give my full attention to my wife. She was always able to answer any questions I had, explained procedures step-by-step and I always felt that I had someone who I could count on. I would easily recommend Bree-Ann to any Dad who wants to have a great support system during child birth."
— Mike